Selected Titles

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Ulrich Emil Duprée:

Small Series (March 2011)

Readers learn to use the Haiwaiian ritual of forgiveness which can resolve self-doubts or conflicts with others.
Rights sold: Czech, Dutch, English, French, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish

Ulrich Emil Duprée:
Ho’oponopono and Family Constellations

Paperback (August 2015)

A powerful combination of the Hawaiian forgiveness ritual with the method of systemic constellations. Enables to visualize subliminal relationship problems and to learn which relationships do need special attention.
Rights sold: Czech, English, French, Hungarian, Italian, Slovenian, Spanish

Lothar Ursinus:
Organ Clock

Compact Series (November 2009, Relaunch July 2016)

All body functions work in a 24-hour-rhythm, a daily energy cicle (Qi), which we can effectively use in all life situations.
Rights sold: Bulgarian, Czech, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Spanish

Markus Schirner:
Breathing Techniques

Paperback (January 2011, Relaunch November 2016)

Markus Schirner describes in this book many different breathing techniques which are easily learnable and adaptable for everyone. These techniques lead to self-healing, rejuvenation and harmonisation.
Rights sold: Czech, Dutch, French, Hungarian, Italian, Polish

Jeanne Ruland:
Power Animals accompany your life

Softcover (May 2004, Relaunch March 2017)

Do you feel a connection to a certain kind of animal? Then listen to it’s message – it has impor-
tant things to say to you!
Rights sold: Czech, Dutch, Hungarian, Polish

Christine Arana Fader:
Dragon's Wisdom

Paperback (April 2014)

The world of Dragons is full of adventures, love and magic. Everyone can find his own dragon and satis- fy the ancient desire for these powerful soul mates.
Rights sold: Dutch, English, Slovenian

Reinhard Stengel:
What Fingers reveal

Paperback (November 2013, Relaunch January 2017)

Your hands mirror your health! Our soul signalises us with our hands what we should accept and what we should change in our lifes in order to life without obstacles. Solve your blocks!
Rights sold: Polish

Jeanne Ruland:
The Big Book of Angels

Paperback (May 2001 / Relaunch June 2015)

This completely revised and redesigned classic provides a deep insight into the various angel teachings, their deeds and nature as well as their meaning for us and our development. With a dictionary with more than 1.800 angel names.
Rights sold: Czech, Polish, Spanish

Lisa Biritz:
Shamanic Fasting

Paperback (March 2015)

With the traditional technique of shamanic fasting Lisa found lightness of being and attained her ideal weight. It will change your life - permanently!
Rights sold: Czech, French, Polish

Lothar Ursinus:
My Blood Tells Me...

Paperback (January 2015)

In 30 years of practice Lothar Ursinus has developed a diagnostic system for blood tests. Therewith he evaluates test results with a holistic approach.
Rights sold: Dutch, Polish

Susanne Hühn:
The Inner Child
– How to Let Go of Your Fears

Small Series (January 2015)

There are many books on fear but they don’t integrate the most important factor causing this feeling: the inner child. Susanne Hühn shows how to give this fearful childish part of us back security.
Rights sold: Dutch, French

Eric Standop:
Facereading - Character and Personality

Paperback (October 2012)

Personality and character is mirrored in people's faces. Facereading enables us to see the indivi- duality of our fellows as well as our own character. 
Rights sold: Dutch, Spanish

Eric Standop:
Facereading – Hair

Paperback (September 2015)

Blond, brown, curls or blow-dry hairstyle – hair tells you a lot about people’s personalities. The experienced face reader Eric Standop always pays attention not only to facial expressions and gestures but also to the way people keep their hair.
Rights sold: French, Spanish

Reinhard Stengel:
Soul Dialogue with Your Body

Small Series (July 2014)

By listening to our body and its messages and can learn more about the emotional backgrounds of physic sufferings and give impulses for healing.
Rights sold: Czech, Spanish

Sandy Taikyu Kuhn Shimu:
Let Your Energy Flow!

Small Series (February 2013)

The small energy companion for every day. This book provides easy but effective exercises for both body and mind. Let's try!
Rights sold: Czech, Polish

Stefanie Arend:
Yin Yoga

Paperback (October 2011)

Yin Yoga is the key to better agility and to the perfection of one‘s yoga practice.
Rights sold: Czech, Dutch, French, Italian

Barbara Simonsohn:
Acidosis Therapy
Compact Series (September 2016)

Nutrition expert Barbara Simonsohn shows how you can eliminate the »acid basis« for civilization diseases with the help of dietary change, reasonable exercises, massages and Reiki. This way we can live longer, age in good health and keep our vitality and beauty.
Rights sold: Italian, Polish

Sabine Hauswald:
The Thyroid

Paperback (December 2016)

Sabine Hauswald not only explains the physical basics but also the mental and spiritual meaning of the organ. This way, the book provides a holistic help for self-help: in order to regain quality of life, health, power and happiness!
Rights sold: Dutch, Polish

Babara Heider-Rauter:
The Power of the Horizontal Eight

Compact Series (June 2016)

Barbara Heider-Rauter presents the reader the best practices to work with this powerful symbol of energy.
Rights sold: Czech, English

Georg Huber:
Energetic House Cleaning

Small Series (February 2009)

Let the positive energies come into your house! Huber presents the most important tools such as elements, sounds, symbols and many more for your cleaning ritual.
Rights sold: Czech, Hungarian, Polish

Susanne Hühn:
Inner Child: How to Let Go of YourFeelings of Guilt

Small Series (December 2016)

Susanne Hühn supports us in recognizing the contracts our Inner Child once concluded and in resolving it with a lot of compassion. This way, we can finally let go of quilt and go our own way.
Rights sold: Dutch, Polish